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So, I wandered onto the Ellis Island American Family Immigration History Center and searched for my grandfather Leonard Holmes. There he was! And there's his new bride Amie!

Here's the boat they rode in on, the S.S. Imperator

Here's the ship manifest from the S.S. Imperator, which set out from Southampton on Sep 25, 1920 and arrived in NYC Oct 2. Scroll down to Holmes.

On the second page, they're on lines 16-17, where it indicates that they'll be traveling to stay with Leonard's brother Arthur in Worcester. They have no tickets to get there, however, but they do have $200.

Here's a PDF file (1 MB) of these pages that prints out very nicely.

Another big image of the Imperator (a.k.a. Berengaria)

Here's a Navy historical page on the Imperator. Quite a history!

A pretty extensive article on the Imperator

Another page with more details about the ship

A page of color postcards