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Tuesday, July 20, 2004
      Digital TV Approaches Halfway Mark. Media Post Jul 19 2004 1:25PM GMT [Moreover - Broadcasting industry news]       

      Napster gets into more schools. Jul 19 2004 7:29PM GMT [Moreover - Music business news]       

      TiVo Vs. Video-On-Demand. Forbes Jul 19 2004 7:10PM GMT [Moreover - Broadcasting industry news]       

      Clear Channel not moving WWVA radio transmitter. Miami Herald Jul 20 2004 7:39PM GMT [Moreover - Broadcasting industry news]       

      Seeking a Fuller Picture of Statins. The powerful heart drugs known as statins may have numerous applications, but some experts say they can have side effects that are in some cases potentially serious. By By DAVID TULLER. [The New York Times > Health]       

      For Some, Aspirin May Not Help Hearts. New evidence suggests that for many of the millions of Americans who take aspirin regularly to prevent heart attacks and strokes, the pills do little if any good. By By ANDREW POLLACK. [The New York Times > Health]       

      FontDiner is a cool place for all things fonts.       

Monday, July 19, 2004
      New Calif. law gives recording artists rights to audit record labels. San Francisco Chronicle Jul 17 2004 2:07AM GMT [Moreover - Music business news]       

      A Radio Giant Moves to Limit Commercials. Clear Channel Radio plans to announce that it will begin limiting the number of commercials its more than 1,200 stations can play. By By NAT IVES. [The New York Times > Business]       

      Project to search for autism gene. An international research project is aiming to pin down the genetic causes of autism by studying 6,000 DNA samples. [BBC News | News Front Page | UK Edition]       

      Putting a Weakened Heart in Experimental Hands. A few months ago, Ric Ray thought he needed a heart transplant. A surgeon suggested another option: a clinical trial. By By DENISE GRADY. [The New York Times > Health]       

Wednesday, July 14, 2004
      Searching for The New York Times. Newspapers are one of the most definitive sources of information, and there's none more powerful than The New York Times. But you wouldn't know it in the online world. Commentary by Adam L. Penenberg. [Wired News]       

Tuesday, July 13, 2004
      Apple 'close' to accord with indie labels. The Register Jul 13 2004 8:54AM GMT [Moreover - Music business news]       

Monday, July 12, 2004
      Scientists horrified by Bush's Bad Science. She blinded me with politics [The Register]       

      PBS watches its mouth rather than pay big fines. Now it's up to the other networks to fight the FCC. San Francisco Chronicle Jul 12 2004 10:47AM GMT [Moreover - Broadcasting industry news]       

      Hillary Clinton's Silicon Valley overtures. CNET's Washington watcher, Declan McCullagh, examines why the junior Senator from New York is suddenly talking tech with a vengeance. [CNET]       

      iPod undermines Microsoft on copy-locked CDs. Microsoft's WMA format was almost a standard on copy-protected CDs. Then along came Apple. [CNET]       

      US music behemoth WMG teams up with mobile phone group for song downloads. AFP via Yahoo! Jul 9 2004 10:51PM GMT [Moreover - MP3 news]       

      A Cover Girl Record Label. Cover Girl, looking for a way to freshen its appeal, has teamed with Atlantic Records to create a record label whose goal is to promote good works and cosmetics. By By CLAUDIA DEUTSCH. [The New York Times > Business]       

      UK teachers to get their own digital TV channel in 2005. Jul 12 2004 7:06AM GMT [Moreover - Broadcasting industry news]       

      Bar Code Détente: U.S. Finally Adds One More Digit. On the 30th anniversary of the lowly bar code, it is at last becoming standardized for world trade. By By STEVE LOHR. [The New York Times > Business]       

Friday, July 09, 2004
      SongFight! Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention. I've been pretty active with Songfight! where we all write a new song within a week (or so) to a title that's posted. My entries are here       

      Fingertips music/ Free and legal MP3s       

      Music Blogs on BlogSearch:       

      MP3 Device Makers Could Be Next (NewsFactor). NewsFactor - Critics say it is a chilling proposal, but if the Inducing Infringement of Copyrights Act, currently in the Senate, were to become law, manufacturers of digital-music devices could be held liable for illegal downloading of music. [Yahoo! News - Technology]       

      MP3 Blogs Serve Rare Songs, Dusty Grooves. Jul 8 2004 3:25AM GMT [Moreover - MP3 news]       

      Apple's RSS Newsfeed generator lets you specify some parameters around iTunes Store notifications. That's cool!       

      Museum to Offer Photos of Art to Download (AP). AP - Art lovers may soon be able to dial "M" for masterpiece. The State Hermitage Museum plans to offer cell phone users an opportunity to have reproductions of the museum's masterpieces on their screens, the museum's director said Wednesday. [Yahoo! News - Technology]       

      Wired: "Gracenote has quietly become one of the most powerful companies in digital music -- but many of its users have probably never heard of it."        

      Aiming for iPod (Ziff Davis). Ziff Davis - With its sleek white-and-silver body and innovative scroll strip, the Creative Zen Touch audio player has the popular Apple iPod clearly in its sights. [Yahoo! News - Technology]       


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