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Who am I & What's all this?

My name is Roy Walter, and I've choosen Roymond Radio to be my personal filing cabinet for things mostly to do with music...something I've spent most of my life pursuing in some form or another. I also work in publishing and broadcast, and thus the whole copyright issue thing.

A well-written (better than I could) justification of the whole blogging thing comes from Cory Doctorow.

I try to offer few opinions other than certain product endorsements. OK, maybe a snide remark here or there, but over-all I feel the revolution in the entertainment industry is quite invigorating, far from over, and most of intriguing journey. So being rude and pissed off won't necessarily help me understand the issues any better, although getting pissed off does provide motivation at times!

I'm reachable by email here.

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